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Individual Touch



Every project is different. Every project needs its own special touch.


No matter the budget, quality is our highest priority, because quality makes our customers happy, and once our customers are happy, so are we.


We like to analyze all the possibilities of each production to ensure the visuals captivate the audiences attention. We do so through our interactive client approach, involving them in the process as much as possible, to ensure we are always on the same page from pre-production right through to the post production phase.




Budgets vary from project to project and depending on your vision, there is always room to discuss the variety of possibilities. ERS has a full line of production equipment to provide lighting, audio, and visual equipment needed to achieve the desired result. ERS also has available a full production crew and a wide spectrum of talents to match any treatment or storyline.


Of course, we are not only inclined to use our own equipment, crew or talent. If it saves you money, you can provide your own. The staff at ERS is trained to use all major professional platforms and cameras. Some conditions may apply, but this is only to ensure that quality is maintained.


Finished Product


Finally, thhe finished product. Though ERS specializes in digital technology, your project can be delivered in several ways. If you need your final video on DVD, Blu-Ray, DV or other tape mediums, we can provide that service in house or through one of our professional third party partners.


We look forward to doing business with you.